Zarafa’s Journey

Dear RMHC Pittsburgh and Morgantown Friends and Supporters,

Our daughter Zarafa is a very strong little girl. She arrived in the world on July 21 weighing just 4 pounds 15 ounces. She spent the first 24-hours of her life in an incubator. Once she was stabilized, she was moved to the neonatal intensive care unit of another hospital. There, she grew stronger but needed to transfer yet again to a third hospital that focuses on helping her to eat so that she can gain weight.

With each and every move that our daughter has made on this journey, we have never had to leave her side because we have always been able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

We are so thankful for the Ronald McDonald House. Like so many parents who turn to this Charity, we never expected any of this. We never imagined being away from home for so long. And because of generous supporters like you, we are where we need to be without having to worry about the financial burden of being away from home. We are by our daughter’s side every day helping with her care until we can take her home.

The Ronald McDonald House has been the one constant on this ever-changing journey. And that means the world to us. Thank you for making this special place available to families just like ours.

With Gratitude and Love,
Julie and Eyad