Carolyn’s Journey

“The Ronald McDonald House has been a lifesaver.” – Carolyn

When the doctor first told Cathy she was pregnant with twins, she could barely believe it. She and her husband, Brad, were excited and looking forward to meeting their new son and daughter, who were due on December 5th.

At 27 weeks, however, Cathy experienced some complications. She was hospitalized for 11 days. Brad and Cathy’s mother, Carolyn, stayed just steps away at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Morgantown. Cathy was hospitalized two more times due to going into preterm labor. After the third time, her physicians wanted her to stay close by for monitoring. Her mother stayed with her at the Ronald McDonald House which was just across the street from her care. Cathy’s husband went home during the week to work but was able to join them on the weekends.

Both mother and daughter were surprised by how comfortable the beds were and appreciated all of the meals made by the volunteer groups. Most of all they had peace of mind knowing that the hospital was so close by.

“It would be hard to make the two-hour drive back and forth from home in my condition for my doctor’s appointment twice a week,” said Cathy.

At 34 weeks, Cathy and Brad’s son and daughter were born. They are doing well and after a few weeks in the hospital, the family of four was able to go home.