Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a great project/donation for groups that would like to include young volunteers, or large corporate groups looking to get the whole office involved. Welcome bags are always accepted and appreciated! You can prepare 1-200 welcome bags at a time. Assemble welcome bags off site and choose the contents for our families. Bags can be either disposable or reusable. All contents must be new, individually wrapped, unexpired and factory sealed/prepackaged. For more information, please view the  Welcome Bag Guidelines For an accessible version of this PDF, please contact 412-246-1104.

  • Comfort Bag: Small blanket and/or pillow, cozy stuffed animal, small pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, adult activity book, journal, moist toilettes, new/current magazines, small decoration or uplifting sign
  • Busy Bag: Craft kits (any age), puzzles, games, gender neutral interactive toy, crayons or markers, pens
  • Spick ‘n Span Apartment Bag: Small dishsoap, dishwasher tablets, sponge or pot scrubber, dish cloth, hand soap, (Optional: roll of toilet paper, paper towels, multipurpose spray, scouring powders and other household cleaning products)
  • Snack Bag: Bottled water, chips, crackers, gummies etc.
  • Laundry Bags: Laundry pods, dryer sheets, tide pen/stick (other stain removers), reusable laundry tote

*Please do not include religious, political or cause related items in the Welcome Bags

For more information and/or to schedule a welcome bag drop off appointment, please call Morgan Knox at 412-246-1103.