More Ways to Get Involved

Welcome Bags

Help extend a warm welcome to RMHC guests by providing welcome bags! Welcome bags are a great project/donation for groups that would like to include young volunteers, or larger corporations looking to get the whole office involved. You can prepare 1-200 bags at a time. Assemble the bags off-site & choose the contents for RMHC families. Bags can be either disposable or reusable. All contents must be new, individually prepackaged, unexpired & factory sealed. Feel free to choose one or more of the suggested themes below, but please do not mix cleaning or laundry products with food related items. *Please do not include religious, political, or cause-related items in the Welcome Bags.

  • Breakfast: Granola bar, fruit cup, juice box, trail mix etc. (please let us know if you add anything perishable)
  • Laundry: Laundry pods, dryer sheets, tide pen/stick (other stain removers), reusable laundry tote
  • Snack: Bottled water, chips, crackers, gummies etc.
  • Comfort: Small blanket and/or pillow, cozy stuffed animal, small pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, adult activity book, journal, moist toilettes, new/current magazines, small decoration, or uplifting sign
  • Spick ‘n Span Apartment: Small dish soap, dishwasher tablets, sponge or pot scrubber, dish cloth, hand soap.
  • Optional: Toilet paper, paper towels, multi-purpose spray, scouring powders and other cleaning products.

Volunteer In Person
Volunteers must sign a liability release form in advanced. For detailed information regarding the opportunities below, please email Morgan Knox

  • Meals From the Heart: Come to Ronald McDonald House Pittsburgh to cook a meal for our families & help ease their burden of having to be in the kitchen instead of at their child’s bedside. (Maximum 10 volunteers) Learn More
  • Meals For the Freezer: This program helps to fill our freezers to feed Ronald McDonald House Pittsburgh families when we do not have a meal previously scheduled. (Maximum 10 volunteers) Learn More
  • Learn & Serve with Donna: Our Learn & Serve with Donna program provides the opportunity to prepare a meal for our families with the help of our cooking expert, Donna. (Maximum 6 volunteers) Learn More
  • Door Décor: Bring smiles to our families’ faces by decorating the doors of one of our residence floors. (Maximum 6 volunteers) We’re thrilled to share that all Doors have been decorated for the holiday season. Thank you!  Please consider participating in 2024, providing a caring and uplifting environment for families during a difficult time.  Learn More
  • Bake & Decorate: Come & Bake some tasty treats for our guest families to enjoy. Cookies or brownies can even be decorated for a fun group activity! (Maximum 6 volunteers) Bake & Decorate Guidelines

Sponsor A Meal
If you can’t come in and make a meal, you can still support this important program by sponsoring a meal in any of the following ways.

  • Support local restaurants by donating a take-out meal to be delivered to Ronald McDonald House Pittsburgh. You can contact a restaurant/catering company of your choice & schedule a delivery. We can find a date that works well for our calendar.
  • You can choose a restaurant or grocery store for takeout & arrange to pick up/drop off the meal on a day that we schedule together. For example, this can be food served hot or frozen food in bulk from a grocery store & our staff can prepare it on site.
  • You can call us with your payment information & budget, and we will make arrangements on your behalf. We can choose one of our restaurant/catering partners and a delivery date.
  • You can donate towards a meal by directly visiting our donate page , just make sure to click “donate a meal Pittsburgh” in the drop box. The funds will come directly to us for food and we will use them when we have a day without a meal. An automatic thank you/ tax letter will be emailed to you after donation.
  • Donate gift cards to restaurants or grocery stores to provide meals for our guests.

For questions regarding current opportunities, please contact Morgan Knox at 412-246-1103 or

For an accessible version of a PDF, please contact 412-246-1104.