Bryanna’s Journey

Bryanna shares her family’s journey and why she supports the Ronald McDonald House.

“Supporting families at Ronald McDonald House is a part of my life that I could never give up. I am inspired by my own family’s journey and the challenges we faced when I was an infant.” —Bryanna, RMHC Supporter

When I was born, I spent several weeks in the hospital hours from home, and there wasn’t a Ronald McDonald House nearby. To stay close to me, my family lived in a camper in the hospital parking lot.

My great-grandmother cooked in the camper to make sure my mom always had a meal to eat after a long day in the hospital with me. What a difference this made for her.

Each time I am at the Ronald McDonald House, I am reminded of my family’s journey and how the Charity could have helped them while I was in the hospital. The Charity provides the most basic things that can be taken for granted in life. Hot showers, laundry facilities, meals–all of this and so much more is possible at the Ronald McDonald House. I see first-hand how these comforts of home impact families who stay there and what it means to be so close to your child during their medical journey.

I often say that supporting the Ronald McDonald House is contagious. My family and friends are my biggest supporters when it comes to helping at the Charity. No matter how I choose to help, they are right there doing it with me. We understand the difference this organization makes for families and the importance of keeping it going.


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